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Are the best of the best. Will recommend to all that I know... and then many more. They are above 5 stars...
— Karen Goode

My home furnace took a dump on me over Christmas weekend, and Brian was great enough to respond quickly to the initial service call on 12/23. He also came out with a team on Christmas Eve to install the new furnace to ensure I would have heat for the holidays! The old furnace was removed from my home and I was left with a toasty warm house and a furnace that is safe & reliable! Highly recommend him to anyone!!! Thank you!!!

- Deana Nicole


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Great source for all your heating needs.
— Betty A Hanton

"So there's this little storm called Sandy and she decided that we didn't need power for 4 days. Anyway, when we finally got our lights back on our furnace didn't want to cooperate. Finding a reputable HVAC guy can be a bit of a crap shoot so I tend to look for things like a professional website (check), local history (check), and friendly responsive person on the other end of the phone (check). I found Parma Air on Yelp and I couldn't be happier with my experience.

I called them around 10am and was told to expect a technician between noon and 2. The person on the other end of the phone was friendly and got right to the point. The guys showed up early. I was floored. I can't remember any time I've dealt with a service tech where they exceeded my expectations on this front. I met Brian and his assistant (I apologize, his name escapes me) and they headed right to the basement to get started. Within 10 minutes they had the problem sussed out. Our house has a bit of a Frankenfurnace. It's got the body of a 30 year old with some parts from the last decade. Needless to say, I was expecting a huge bill. 

The power outage we experienced had blown the brains of our furnace so we were dead in the water. Brian gave us two options, install a new furnace or have the circuit board rebuilt. We weren't in a position to drop the cash on a totally new unit so we opted for the latter. Luckily once the new board was installed the furnace roared to life and all were happy. So how about the bill? My expectations were once again to be exceeded. All said and done the entire operation came to just over $400. Oh yeah, and Parma Air warranties their work for a year. Not a bad deal.

Brian and company managed to get the entire repair completed in about an hour and that included a run to the parts center to pick up the new board. We couldn't have been happier. They were professional, courteous and prompt and when I saw him pull up in that shiny new service van I knew we had made the right choice.  If you need HVAC service in the Cleveland area don't bother looking around. Call Parma Air. " 

- Bob L. of North Ridgeville